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Wilford Woodruff
If we are afraid to rebuke iniquity, or ashamed to cast it off ourselves, Israel would go to hell, and should be cut off as a people, and the Lord would raise up another, for he is bound to have a people in the last days who will keep His commandments, and magnify their calling, and prove themselves friends of God, and maintain the principles of righteousness and honor them before God, angels, and men, that his kingdom may be established in purity, and be prepared for the coming of the Messiah: for Christ is coming again to earth; he is preparing the bride, and here is a portion of it before me today. Will He receive us to himself? Are we prepared for His coming and kingdom and fullness thereof, unless we are sanctified, and lay aside sin, and do right? No. We must sanctify ourselves, and keep the commandments of God, and do these things that are required of our hands, before we can be prepared for the coming of the Great Bridegroom.

– Wilford Woodruff
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